European Hanseatic Ensemble

The teachers of the masterclass will select the 15 participants who will form the European Hanse-Ensemble and will tour Hanseatic cities in the summer of 2020 under the artistic direction of Manfred Cordes. For those who will participate in the concerts, the course fee will be refunded and a daily rate will be payed for rehearsal and concert days. Resulting travel and accommodation expenses will be covered.

The specific concert programme for 2020 ( theme: festive music of the Hanseatic cities ) will be adapted to the structure of the ensemble, thus will be developed after the selection of the ensemble members. The goal is a balanced distribution of singers, string, wind and continuo players which will allow the performance of multi – choral works.

Hanseatic cities

Find a complete overview of the location of all Hanseatic cities here:

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Repertoire examples of music from the Hanseatic cities

From CD productions of the ensemble Weser Renaissance Bremen, by courtesy.

Andreas Hakenberger (1574 – 1627), Danzig
Beati omnes, qui timent Dominum

Johann Stobäus (1580 – 1646), Königsberg
Du bist meine Zuversicht

Johann Steffens (1560 – 1616), Lüneburg
Paduane & Gaillard

Julius Johannes Weiland (1605 – 1663), Bremen
Laudate Dominum

Philipp Dulichius (1562 – 1631), Stettin
Anni nostrae sicut arenea

Hieronymus Praetorius (1560 – 1629), Hamburg
Cantate Dominum

Thomas Selle (1599 – 1663), Hamburg
Christ ist erstanden

Jacob Praetorius (1586 – 1651), Hamburg
Gaudete omnes

Johannes Eccard (1553 – 1611), Danzig
Lasst uns singen

Johann Vierdanck (1605 – 1646), Stralsund / Greifswald
Ich freue mich